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nodramaturg* group coaching

Although I'm a pretty hard-core introvert, I love the dynamic of group coaching. Group members share insights and challenges, supporting and learning from one another in so many inspiring ways... It's a pleasure and a privilege to witness! 


In addition to custom programs designed to promote faculty development and support academic leaders, I periodically offer open-enrollment group-coaching experiences. Past sessions have focused on small steps to a better life, clarifying and honoring values, networking, and stress management through improved self-talk. (You may also want to check out the online version of my self-talk workshop.)

I also partner with mindfulness teacher and coach, Victoria Fontana, to offer the EMPOWER online group-coaching experience. Based on research in positive psychology, and building on a foundation of self-compassion and mindfulness, EMPOWER seeks to improve self-awareness and enhance our ability to act in accordance with our values. Check out this FREE introduction!

And I hope you'll learn more about The STANDOUT Professor online group, a program designed to help junior faculty of all backgrounds and identities thrive.

*Wondering where the name "nodramaturg" comes from?  Find out here.

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