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the EMPOWER group-coaching experience

Have you ever considered how often you give your power over to others, either in subtle ways like saying yes without thinking, or in ways that are more severe, like consistently putting everyone else’s needs above your own? Or how you may have sacrificed important parts of yourself without even realizing it?


EMPOWER is an approach to overall wellness that will help you clarify your values and figure out how to honor them. Based on research in positive psychology, EMPOWER seeks to improve self-awareness and enhance our ability to act in accordance with our values. Relying on a foundation of self-compassion and mindfulness, we will explore ways to make conscious choices guided by a strong inner compass, freeing ourselves to live rich, rewarding lives focused on the things that are most important to us.


The EMPOWER experience consists of four 75-minute interactive group coaching sessions held via video conference. Between sessions, you’ll complete short exercises that will help you move toward your goals, and you’ll have an opportunity to engage with others in a small, supportive community. 

EMPOWER is co-led by mindfulness teacher and wellness coach Victoria Fontana.

Contact us to bring EMPOWER to your group, organization, or workplace!

What people are saying about EMPOWER...

I don’t ever really take time to think about what my values are or to relate them to the fact that – and this is where it really helped me, is to see that when I have conflicts in my life... they seem to stem from those values not being realized or not being recognized... And that was not something that I ever think I would have made the connection there before sitting down and working on this worksheet and then hearing what you had to say and the contributions that everyone else made.

I really did appreciate the time to reflect... It revealed that there is a conflict between two of my values... and at the very least, even if the big wish that I have doesn’t turn out, at least living consistently with my values I think will make me feel better about it.

I think it was nice just to really listen and be in the moment.


I did appreciate the meditation exercise. I have to admit I’m not a meditator and I think I reluctantly let myself engage in that and I think it was really helpful.

Get a taste of the EMPOWER preview session...

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