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A bit about me... I have always loved solving problems, and I’ve been told that I’m at my best when I’m “untying knots.” 

This love led me to pursue degrees in math and finance, to teach and conduct research, and to serve in academic leadership positions.


Through all of these endeavors, I gained valuable insight into the way people learn, change, and find success (however they personally define it). I am thrilled to be applying these insights to my coaching and consulting practice and I find this work immensely rewarding. From conducting research that seeks to improve people’s financial lives to offering clients the perspective and support they need to achieve their goals, I get a deep sense of satisfaction from collaborating with others to uncover obstacles and identify solutions.  

More about me:​

  • I served on the faculty of the University of Wisconsin-Madison for over 20 years and left my position in 2018 to devote my full professional energy to coaching and consulting. You can find my academic CV here.

  • I have an undergraduate degree in math from Tulane University and a PhD in finance from Northwestern University.

  • I love the arts and also have a BFA in music from Tulane University.

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