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online group

The STANDOUT Professor online group is designed to help tenure-track junior faculty of all backgrounds and identities thrive.


The program will...​

  • Strengthen your support system

    You’ll belong to a community of colleagues who are all experiencing life on the tenure track. Together, you'll learn new skills, share ideas, and celebrate successes. With a maximum enrollment of 8 and opportunities for one-on-one conversations between sessions, the program will facilitate meaningful interaction among participants.

  • Help you establish priorities and goals consistent with your personal and professional values

    As an assistant professor, it's hard to shake the feeling that you could/should always be doing more. By setting clear goals that support your values and mapping out a plan for getting there, you'll begin to develop ways to make progress while maintaining the work-life balance that is critical to sustained professional success.

  • Build skills that will help you flourish in academia

    During the sessions, we'll share strategies for overcoming common challenges like struggling to carve out time for research/writing and figuring out when and how to say "no." In addition to honing practical skills, we'll concentrate on building the internal muscles that support personal and professional wellbeing like self-compassion and self-care. 


Please note: At The STANDOUT Professor, we recognize that issues of identity are intensely personal, and we explicitly acknowledge that none of us can fully understand the experience of another. Our intention is not to offer content that is specifically suited for any particular demographic group. Rather, we aim to help participants cultivate the skills and habits that support long-term success in academia (and in life) in a welcoming environment that values and encourages each participant's unique contributions.

Program details

Sessions take place via videoconference, with each session lasting approximately 90 minutes. Recordings of all sessions will be made available to participants.

Between each pair of sessions, participants connect briefly by phone with a "homework partner" from the group to reinforce the learning from the session, encourage progress, and build relationships. [We know that the introverts among us have started tensing up, and we can relate. Please take courage. Past experience suggests that these one-on-one interactions are often one of the most powerful aspects of the program.]

To learn more about the next STANDOUT Professor group and to explore joining us, please reach out to Elizabeth.

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