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"A must-read for anyone with a heart who aspires to academic leadership."
—Michael Bernard-Donals, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Academic leadership is not for the faint of heart. Yet its countless demands yield opportunities for deep fulfillment, especially when we build meaningful connections not only with others but within ourselves. Well in the Lead helps current and aspiring academic leaders do just that. With compassionate wisdom, evocative questions, and keen observations, Well in the Lead is a rare, treasured companion on the sometimes rocky path toward effective leadership.

Well in the Lead offers support for academic leaders seeking self-trust and peace.

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"This book rings so true that I found myself wondering whether the authors had a hidden camera in my office."

– Diane Del Guercio, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Research and Gerry and Marilyn Cameron Professor of Finance, Lundquist College of Business, University of Oregon

"Well in the Lead is the perfect companion for the reflective academic leader… a go-to volume for multiple readings over an extended period of time." 

– George Justice, Provost, University of Tulsa

"This book will energize academic leaders to pursue their professional calling with grace." 

– Lynn Perry Wooten, President, Simmons University

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