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noun    stand·out    \ ˈstand-ˌau̇t \

One that is prominent or conspicuous

especially because of excellence

When we challenge stereotypes simply by being ourselves, it can be oddly common to feel both conspicuous and invisible at the same time.


At The STANDOUT Professor, we respect and value the rich array of experiences each of us brings to our work. We are continually working to develop new resources and programs to help academics of all backgrounds and identities thrive.

Our newest offering, the STANDOUT Professor Confab (ProfCon), is currently in the pilot phase. ProfCon provides structure and community through:

  • Focused work sessions for enhanced accountability and productivity

  • Informal virtual gatherings and a private online forum for camaraderie and encouragement

  • Live and recorded content for continued professional and personal development.

Please check it out and spread the word to junior scholars in your networks.


Please check out the following free resources: 

  • The STANDOUT Professor blog ~ A series of posts on topics ranging from perfectionism to leadership to saying no. Not just for professors!

  • Voices of Authentic Excellence ~ A (currently single-episode) podcast featuring in-depth interviews with successful faculty who don't fit the traditional professorial mold (which makes them oh so interesting, if you ask us!). Please let us know if you're hungry for more!

  • The Nurture series ~ A collection of 2-minute videos with tips for nurturing ourselves, our relationships, and our work.

  • Manage Stress by Shifting Your Self-Talk ~ A self-paced, online workshop with simple strategies for harnessing the voice inside your head to gain a deeper sense of calm, increased energy, and improved overall wellbeing.

You may also be interested in Elizabeth Odders-White's book Well on Your Way: an assistant professor's companion.


And, of course, one-on-one coaching can be a fantastic form of support! Learn more here.

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