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Limericks for the recently tenured

As a supplement to my most recent #Release video, I had fun dashing off some “Limericks for the Recently Tenured” on the theme of setting boundaries and honoring ourselves. Here are a few. Please send me your post-tenure limerick! #tenure #boundaries #selfhonor

I got tenure. Now what do I do?

There are so many paths to pursue.

I’m not sure where I’ll go,

But there’s one thing I know.

Yep, some “me time” is long overdue.

I got tenure. You’d think I’d be cheery.

But the process has left me bone-weary.

Now it’s time for self-care,

Lots of sleep and fresh air…

Just the thought of it makes me get teary.

I got tenure, the “ultimate prize.”

But the road here is one I despise.

I was hard on myself,

Put my life on a shelf.

Baby, now is my time to arise.

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