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academia is a wild ride.

Whether you're an assistant professor, a postdoc, or another early-career scholar, you've probably already discovered that your path is unlike any other.

Autonomy and flexibility combined with extremely high (and often ambiguous) expectations create a unique set of challenges. It's common to feel like you're never doing enough.

Add in the political complexities of an academic environment and it can seem like you're navigating a minefield. The experience may leave you de-energized and overwhelmed. If you don't fit the typical professorial mold, the pressure can feel even more intense.

I hope the tools below will help you find peace and self-trust amid all that's swirling around you. If you don't find what you're looking for, please reach out to me. I add new resources periodically, and I want to be sure to provide the support you're seeking.

selected blog posts


In my biased view, all of my blog posts are valuable for everyone. :) Here are a few that may particularly speak to early-career academics.

selected videos 


Shockingly, I believe that all of my videos are universally relevant. :) I'm highlighting a few in hopes that they'll pique your interest and you'll keep exploring

other resources

If you're looking for more support, please take a moment to learn about the programs I offer and the one-on-one work I do with clients.

And if you're no longer in the early stages of your career, you may wish to check out resources for mid-career academics and higher-ed leaders.

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