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how does coaching work?

I'm glad you're curious about coaching, and I'm excited to share more about my work with clients!

Let's start with logistics.

  • I do most of my coaching by phone. Zoom sessions are available if preferred.

  • New clients typically start with a 6-month coaching package that includes 2 sessions per month. Other options are available.

  • My coaching sessions run for 45 minutes (non-leadership clients) or 1 hour (leadership clients).

  • ​All coaching packages include email support as needed.

Ready to learn more? Let's talk! Please contact me to schedule a free exploratory phone call. 

Together we will set goals consistent with your personal and professional values, map out steps toward achieving them, generate strategies for overcoming any obstacles you encounter, and most important, celebrate when you get there! I think you'll be amazed by the positive impact even small shifts can have on your productivity and overall well-being.

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