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Into Darkness


My dear friend,


The journey ahead is going to hurt like nothing you’ve ever experienced.  You will feel, at times, as if your entire life is being torn apart, and you will wonder if you’re going completely crazy.  You will be tempted to blame yourself for being here.  You may even be tempted to turn back. 


Please don’t.  Be gentle and kind to yourself, and you will emerge from the darkness much faster.  Most important, know that when you are feeling especially lost and alone, and completely and utterly unworthy, support will rise up to greet you from every angle, often from the most unexpected sources.  When that happens, go ahead and fall to your knees in awe and gratitude.  Then get back up and keep moving.  The light will get brighter with every step.


Years from now, people will marvel at your compassion and empathy and will silently wonder if your time in the abyss made you who you are today.  We both know that it will and it did.


You’ve SO got this.


Much love,


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