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You know that you need to tell him how you’re feeling, right? How disconnected and distant your relationship seems right now? I know that you really, really, really don’t want to have that conversation. Initiating it feels like jumping out of an airplane at 40,000 feet and hoping the clouds will catch you. The dread over what will certainly be an ungraceful, flailing fall to a spectacularly gory and untimely death is paralyzing. Still, the alternative – clinging for dear life to the frame of the airplane door from now until something like forever, battered by the wind, frozen in place, and praying to God that you don’t vomit – doesn’t sound terribly appealing either. So I’d go with option A.


And here’s the thing. As horrible as this feels right now, there’s actually a gift here.  When you finally build up the courage to jump, you’ll be shocked to find that those clouds actually will catch you. Rather than going splat, you’ll land safely, softly, with every ounce of you gently cradled. And although you may punch and kick and do everything you can to keep testing their strength, the clouds will stretch and strain to support you. They will never let you fall. Because trusting and letting go into love ensures that you will be held. Always.


So, go on. Take the plunge. Do your best Luke Aikins impression.* Your wingsuit is prepped and ready.


* See 

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