© 2017 by Elizabeth Odders-White

© Elizabeth Odders-White 2017

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She lived

on the thin wisps of oxygen

her children


so muddled with CO2

she almost suffocated




without hesitation

or pause

hanging on for

dear lives


When in time


they stopped


in her direction

her heart seized

in panic

gasping for nourishment

her lungs screaming

for breath

her blood

for warmth

her being

for life


She faded

into nothing

into air



She drifted

for days

among the plants in her garden

lily and larkspur bowing

all whispering

Here we are


She blew

for weeks

along the beach

sea spray and tide dancing

humming their serene song

Here we are


She lilted

for months

amid the golden breeze, the shining grass

both glistening while

whistling tenderly

Here we are




She floated

with grace and poise

to her children

who gradually and earnestly breathed her in

as she gently exhaled

Here I am.