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nodramaturg summer support package

one-on-one coaching for assistant professors

Are you already realizing that your summer to-do list will take 12 months to get through, not to mention that you’re desperate for some true downtime before classes start again in the fall? Let’s work together to get clear about what you want (both at work and at home), lay out a plan to make it happen, and ensure that you have the ongoing support you need to make this your best summer yet.  

The nodramaturg summer support one-on-one coaching package consists of:

  • A 1-hour intake session in May* to establish priorities, goals, and an initial plan 

  • Four 45-minute sessions spread throughout the summer to keep you motivated and supported, and

  • Email support as needed.


All sessions take place by phone or video conference. 

* The timing of the initial session can be adjusted as needed (e.g., for faculty at institutions on the quarter system).

Click on the image below to hear Elizabeth reflect on the way she experienced summer as an assistant professor.

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