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leadership coaching

Leadership roles provide incredible opportunities for learning and growth and can also lead to burnout and overwhelm, especially if you're an introvert who is accustomed to controlling your own calendar and having ample alone-time to think. Leaders from underrepresented groups may face additional challenges, like having to prove themselves in order to successfully influence others.

I've experienced the struggles and rewards of academic leadership roles, and I founded nodramaturg* coaching & consulting to help leaders like you maximize your impact and well-being. My leadership coaching services support new and experienced higher-ed leaders in the generation of creative approaches that honor personal and organizational values and goals. Packages typically include 2 sessions per month plus email support throughout and require a 6-month minimum commitment. Services are provided remotely, by phone or video conference.


Together, we will discover ways of extinguishing the many fires that pop up, with an eye towards your long-term development as a leader. 

Please reach out to arrange a free exploratory phone call.

Not quite ready for a conversation? Please take a look at my book for academic leaders, written with my friend and former colleague, Suzanne Dove.

After 25 years in higher education administration, I was feeling a bit stuck in my work and frankly, powerless to do anything differently. A friend of mine recommended I seek executive coaching assistance. I wanted someone very specific—someone who understood the pressures of balancing a family and work, along with insight into the eccentricities of working and leading in a university environment. Elizabeth at nodramaturg was the perfect match. She had the blend of experience in a similar work environment and the training to help me uncover options and choices I never considered before working with her. She doesn't push or give advice—she simply provides perspectives I may not have considered and thought exercises that help me to formulate a different narrative than the one I have been telling myself for far too long. Elizabeth is a guide in the process of helping me discover what I can achieve and encouraging me to make choices that will propel me to be the best person—and leader—I can be!


Center Director

University of Wisconsin-Madison

*Wondering where the name "nodramaturg" comes from? Find out here.

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