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The Curiosity

family's black sheep.

The meaning of words:

The bridge straddling common ground

and the Great Divide. 

As the worm spreads, each

device—every viral bit—

blasts: YOU. ARE. ENOUGH.

I'm striving, chasing

words that refuse to come when

called. Petulant punks!

Menacing Mount Should

obscures the sacred blooms of

the Garden of Is.

Golden globs glide by.

A galactic landscape flecked

with glimmers of home.

I don't do lines. Lines

of coke, lines for waiting, lines

of words... Oh, wait.  Shoot.

Familiar. Presumed

to constrict. Must hide, play small.

Soul shrinks. Heart gets squished.

A four-foot mansion.

Corduroy. Macrame. Shag.

Grandpa's skills amaze.

The flames of his pain—

Fear, loneliness—devour

My boundaries.  Again.

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