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We fold our souls like

paper boxes. Hidden, till

rain-soaked, they unfurl.

I fight my battles

with armor of pure Golden

Oreos. Foolproof.

To state the obvious, I've put my haiku blog on the back burner to focus on other initiatives, including building The STANDOUT Professor community. I don't expect to resume regular posts here, but I do hope to share a poem every now and then.

The poem below, entitled "...


The Curiosity

family's black sheep.

The meaning of words:

The bridge straddling common ground

and the Great Divide. 

As the worm spreads, each

device—every viral bit—

blasts: YOU. ARE. ENOUGH.

Here's a little something extra... a tanka I wrote a few weeks ago, before words decided to actively elude me, temporarily I hope (see futility: a haiku).

The Beast's imposing

castle—through forced perspective

only—looms above

Fantasyland, as beliefs

dressed as truths e'er...

I'm striving, chasing

words that refuse to come when

called. Petulant punks!

Menacing Mount Should

obscures the sacred blooms of

the Garden of Is.

Golden globs glide by.

A galactic landscape flecked

with glimmers of home.

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