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noun    stand·out    \ ˈstand-ˌau̇t \

One that is prominent or conspicuous

especially because of excellence

When we challenge stereotypes simply by being ourselves, it can be oddly common to feel both conspicuous and invisible at the same time.


At The STANDOUT Professor, we’re creating a supportive community that respects and values the rich array of experiences each of us brings to our work. The sense of belonging that is cultivated by coming together to strengthen skills, share words of encouragement, and celebrate successes energizes and propels all involved to new levels of professional and personal excellence.


We are continually working to develop new resources and programs to help underrepresented tenure-track junior faculty thrive. Please check out The STANDOUT Professor blog and our brand new podcast, Voices of Authentic Excellence, and sign up below to receive updates on groups and other special events.


The STANDOUT Professor is an initiative of nodramaturg coaching & consulting, whose founder Elizabeth Odders-White spent more than 20 years as a faculty member and academic leader at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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